Why is Teen Patti an exciting game?

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Why is Teen Patti an exciting game?

Teen Patti


Why Teen Patti makes me feel excited?

I didn’t know about Teen Patti until I had tried it! Teen Patti is a card game you can play with a standard poker deck, originated in India. As you can see, India is a country full of traditions such as Teen Patti and Diwali, traditions that make India a nice place to visit.

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Everyone who comes to India can enjoy celebrations like Diwali at the same time they learn traditional games like Teen Patti. Teen Patti means “three cards” in English and it was spread throughout South Asia, having a great influence from poker. In some areas, it is called flush or flash.


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As mentioned before, Teen Patti has a great connection with Hindu celebrations as well as being a social game, often played in Diwali party. This happens since gambling is a tradition in Indian celebrations. However, land-based casinos are illegal in India, but there is no regulation about casinos online or playing card games in private, with family and friends. Even though, always make sure that card-games or any other gambling activity is authorized in the place you live in. Want to learn how to play Teen Patti? Now we are sharing with you the basic features of the game in order you can start having fun with one of the most exciting casino games you can see in India and other Asian countries.

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How to play Teen Patti?


We have talked about how popular Teen Patti is, but it is also popular in the Western World since the technology lets include Teen Patti as one of the options you can find in Online Bettings from the West side, gaining such a great popularity. Another aspect you must know about Teen Patti is that there is no concept of dealer since in the firsthand round, players choose a dealer among themselves by dealing any agreed number of cards in anti-clockwise direction. Therefore, the winner of the first hand turns the dealer of the second hand; the winner of the second-hand turns the dealer of the third hand, etcetera.

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“It is a simple card game that any player can learn to play if they apply a few simple steps. Originating in India, Teen Patti offers a playing experience that resembles a simplified version of 3 Card Poker” some sources mention. Now, check out the steps to learn how to play Teen Patti:


Step 1: identify the basics of the game


Studying the basics of the game will help you master it, so you must read about it. There is no need to explain too much detail. You should have a general idea and know the basic premise of the game at least. For example, the game utilizes a standard deck of 52 cards, with no jokers.


If you want to get together with family or friends to play it, 3 to 6 people are required. When playing, remember that the ace is the highest card, with 2 being the lowest. A player will deal the cards to the other ones. If you want to win at Teen Patti, remember that the goal is to have the best 3-card hand. Moreover, you might win if other players fold, and you are still the last one standing.


Step 2: Teen Patti hand rankings


Conforming to the main rules, “the goal is to have the best hand at the end of the round. If the game is played with a prize pot, the idea is also to try to increase the pot so that the prize grows a lot once the winner takes the pot”. You must recognize the hand rankings to understand how they interact. Here are the rankings in Teen Patti: Three of a Kind, Straight Flush, Straight, Color, Pair, High card. Check them out:

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  1. ✔️ Trail (also named set or trio): A trio is a hand with threes. You get three cards of the same rank, color, or suit indistinctly. For example, three Aces is a three of a kind, as is 8-8-8. The three Aces are the strongest lead, while 2-2-2 is the weakest.

  2. ✔️ Pure sequence (also named straight or flush): It is the second-best hand of cards, a sequence of three consecutive cards of the same suit and color.

  3. ✔️ Run (also named sequence, straight): The third-best hand you can have, being one of three consecutive cards of different suits. For example, Ace of Diamonds, 2 of Clubs and 3 of Hearts.

  4. ✔️ Flush: A hand with three cards of the same color that are not consecutive.

  5. ✔️ Pair: two cards of the same rank. The third is the kicker card that can define which pair is better if two pairs of the same value face each other.

  6. ✔️ High card (no pair): It is the one you get when there are no other combinations, no three cards in sequence or of the same suit. Then, the highest card in the hand represents the value of the hand.


Third step: Start of round


According to the rules: “at the beginning of the round, the participants must place an initial bet. Then, the dealer will proceed to deal three cards to each player, counterclockwise”. In fact, if the cards come down, no one can see them. They are placed face down and players must select whether they want to see their cards or not.

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If you look at your cards, you will keep playing in the "seen" state. It means that you will have to bet more money than the player who chooses to remain "blind" (not see his hand). The player who bets first will establish a bet. “Players who bet later will depend on the bet set by the previous player. Playing blind means, you will have to bet 1x or 2x the bet, and if you play seen, your bet must be 2x or 4x the bet”, experts say.


Step 4. Actions (call, raise, fold)


Once the cards have been dealt, each player will have the option to act when playing Teen Patti. The available actions can include folding, calling, or raising, as a blind or spotted player. Actions take place clockwise: “If you haven't played poker before, let us quickly remind you what these actions mean. Go means to continue playing without increasing the bet. To raise means to increase the bet and add money to the pot. You can also fold your hand if you think you have bad cards. Sure, you will lose your original bet, but at least you won't risk losing additional funds”, some sources mention.


Step 5. Round end


Betting keeps going in a circle until there is only one player left in the game. Of course, two players can stay and make a showdown. They compare hands and the highest ranked hand wins. It is as simple as that. If there is a pot, the winner takes all.


If the version of the game being played has no pot, specific payouts are assigned to the ranking of each hand. For example, the initial bet payouts range from 1:1 for straights to 5:1 for Ace three of a kind. In addition, some Teen Patti online games may include side bets with even higher payout odds.


Teen Patti rules for a show


You must know that a show might not happen until all, but two players have folded their cards: “In a show, both players’ cards are exposed, and the player whose hand is higher ranking wins the pot. If the hands are equal, the player who requested the show loses”, some sources mention.


You can ask the player to bet rapidly at any moment of the game before a sideshow and the player may accept the sideshow or not. If the sideshow is agreed, the two players match their cards, and the player with the lowest ranking Teen Patti sequence must instantly fold. If they are the same, the player who asked for the sideshow must fold. However, if the sideshow is not accepted, the betting process keeps going as usual:


“You can only ask for the sideshow from the player who has placed the last bet. Besides, the sideshow option is available only when the other player who has placed the last bet is not playing blind”, experts mention.

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Five games that originated in India (besides Teen Patti)


India is one of the geographical territories where most board games originated or were invented, like India has been. Now, check out the five games that originated in India and presently have millions of followers around the world.

  1. ✔️ Carrom: According to some theories, the carrom game was originated in the Indian subcontinent, being invented by the Maharajas, although no concrete evidence is available. A carrom made of glass is still available in one of the palaces in Patiala, India. In 1988 the International Carrom Federation was formed in Chennai, India. The game has been very popular throughout South Asia, mainly in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

  2. ✔️ Kabaddi: This outdoor game originated in the ancient Tamil region, which is predominant today in the state of Tamil Nadu and parts of other South Indian states. The Tamil empire spread this game to Southeast Asia during its maritime trade. The word 'Kabaddi' may have been derived from the Tamil word "kai-pidi" meaning "holding hands". The sport is known by various names regionally: 'chedugudu' in Andhra Pradesh, 'kauddi' in Punjab, 'bhavatik' in Maldives and 'hadudu' in Bangladesh.

  3. ✔️ Ludo: Ludo, like Parcheesi, originates from the game pachisi originating in sixth century India and the earliest evidence of this game in India is the representation of boards in the caves of Ajanta. This game was played by the Mughal emperors of India, a famous example being Emperor Akbar. In England, pachisi was altered to use a die and was patented as "Ludo" in 1896, being the game most used throughout history by the Royal Navy.

  4. ✔️ Snakes and Ladders: Snakes and Ladders is an ancient Indian board game considered today as a world classic. It is played between two or more players on numbered grid squares. In ancient India, this game was called "Moksha Patam", although its name varies among different regions and countries. The game reached England when India was its colony with the original name, "Snakes and Ladders", and from there it reached the United States where it is known as "Chutes and Ladders".

  5. ✔️ Chess: Chess is an ancient Indian strategy game that developed during the Gupta Empire around the sixth century AD. Currently, we play the same chess that is the latest version of the Indian game 'Chaturanga', which in turn is the most likely ancestor of the Eastern strategy games 'Shogi', 'Xiangqi' and 'Janggi'.


However, its first representation can be found in Indian mythology in the seventh century. It was adopted as 'Shatranj' in Persia, which in turn was the form of chess brought to late medieval Europe. Its original name, 'Chaturanga', comes from a battle formation mentioned in the Indian epic Mahabharata, referring to the four divisions of the enemy army: elephants, horse-drawn chariots, cavalry, and infantry.


In short

Teen Patti is one of the most popular traditional Indian games you can find. In addition, you can find the online versions available in Western and Eastern countries as well, but you can also play Teen Patti in Diwali festivals and other Indian celebrations.


Furthermore, there are other traditional games from India such as Chess, Snakes and Ladders and others that many people love. However, land-based casinos are considered illegal in India. Even though, online gambling offers the possibility to play Teen Patti online in a legal way, but you must make sure about it.

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On the other hand, you can start playing Teen Patti with family and friends with a standard deck. So, as you can see, there are many ways to play Teen Patti online or offline as well. So, we wish you good luck when playing Teen Patti!

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