How to play Andar Bahar in an Online Betting

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How to play Andar Bahar in an Online Betting

Andar Bahar: one of the most popular casino games in India

What is Andar Bahar?

Looking for an easy-to play game? Andar Bahar offers you lots of fun when playing it, this Indian traditional game that many people love in India, especially in Bangalore, where this exciting casino game was invented:


“Andar Bahar is an Indian gambling game that is said to have originated in Bengaluru (Bangalore) in the southern state of Karnataka, and it is also known in Tamil as Mangatha or Ullae Veliyae. It is a game of pure chance in which the dealer places a card face up and the player bets on one of two piles: Andar (inside) or Bahar (outside)”, some sources mentioned.

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As you can see, Andar Bahar is a chance game which you have to piles to choose cards and the dealer can deal the cards in turn to the two piles until a card shows up, the one that matches the initial one. This casino game is played during traditional celebrations like Diwali since it is a good way to spend time with family and friends.


Moreover, Andar Bahar has become a popular game in Indian land-based and Online Bettings as well. However, it is important to mention that if you choose to play the online versions of Andar Bahar, you must be careful when playing to avoid addiction or spending more than you can afford in case you require money to subscribe to a platform.

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Remember than when playing Andar Bahar or any other casino game, it is vital to be responsible before gambling. If you understand this point, you will surely succeed at Andar Bahar. Otherwise, we will share with you some other important details you must know before playing this amazing Indian game.

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Playing Andar Bahar


If you want to play Andar Bahar, you can use a standard 52-card pack. According to the rules mentioned in diverse sources: “The dealer operates the bank and there can be any number of players, who traditionally sit in a circle around the dealer. The players have nothing to do except place bets, watch the deal, and receive their winnings if successful”.


The process is so simple: a dealer must shuffle the cars and cut them. Then, he/she deals one card face up and this card must be matched as the “trump card” or joker. The trump card is the one which might beat any card of another suit, no matter which the rank is. On the other hand, the joker is used to represent any card you want or need:


“Therefore, it seems better to call this first card the house card, or maybe just the middle card, since the two piles are sometimes dealt on either side of it (…) Now the players place their bets on either of the two piles, known as Andar and Bahar, that the dealer will create. The minimum and maximum bets must be agreed in advance in a private game and will be determined by the house in a casino game.”, experts say.

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Meaning of the game


Andar and Bahar (sometimes spelled Baahar) mean inside and outside respectively in Hindi language. On the other hand, in Tamil the two piles have the equivalent names Ullae (inside) and Veliyae (outside).


It happens since in the traditional version, the inside pile is nearer to the dealer and the other one, further. In fact, in online versions of Andar Bahar the layout can be like that or Andar and Bahar can simple be to the left or right side of the house card:


“The dealer now deals single cards face up from the remainder of the deck alternately to the Andar and Bahar piles. If the house card is black, the first card is dealt to the Andar pile; if the house card is red the first card is dealt to the Bahar pile. The deal continues until a card appears that matches the rank of the house card. Players who bet on the pile where this matching card appears win; those who bet on the other pile lose”, diverse sources mention.

Andar Bahar


10 reasons to play Andar at an Online Betting


Now, you can find many Online Bettings since the number of Online Betting sites has increased surprisingly in recent years. Many people in India and around the world enjoy playing these Online Betting games for one reason or another.


Talking about India, land-based casinos are forbidden. However, there is no restriction when you want to register to an Online Betting, but before signing up you must make sure that online gambling is allowed in the state you are living in.


On the other hand, many sources indicate that the reasons why each gambler decides to play internet casino games differ from one user to another. Even though, there are 10 common reasons to play Online Betting games, which we are going to describe briefly below.

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To win money at an Online Betting


There are some casinos where you can play Andar Bahar or other online games to get some money, but you must make sure they are reputable and safe. Profitability is the top reason why some people in India decide to play Andar Bahar for more than fun.


According to data, a great number of gamblers play at Online Bettings to earn extra money while others do it just for fun. Either way, gambling is an opportunity for you to win some extra money while having fun, all at the same time. One thing to keep in mind is that the player can decide the amount of money he/she wants to always bet.

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Many alternatives to choose from


Personally, this is the reason why I like Online Bettings for the most. If you choose an Online Betting, you can play other games than Andar Bahar, most of them are online versions of traditional card games in India and around over the world:


“If there is one thing these casino sites stand out for, it is offering players the opportunity to choose from the wide range of games available. Andar Bahar, slots, poker, blackjack, baccarat, bingo, or roulette are the games available on these sites. And each of them, such as Andar Bahar, has hundreds of variants to play”, some sources say.


You can play from anywhere


One of the best things that makes these types of casinos so much more convenient for many players is the fact that you can play from anywhere and at any time. All you need is a cell phone, either iPhone or Android and an Internet connection.


So, if you want to play Andar Bahar from anywhere, the online versions are the best option, just make sure you have good connection and a compatible device and you can have lots of fun when playing online.


You don’t require a specific dress code


We all know the dress codes and other multiple rules that traditional casinos apply. This is not the case with Online Betting sites. You can play wearing the clothes that suit you best and with all the comfort you can get in your own home or anywhere else. So, wear your pajamas or your favorite pants and start enjoying the best of Andar Bahar online, or all traditional casino games that you like the most!


Online Bettings are safe


Imagine winning the jackpot or a good amount of money while playing in a traditional casino and you must walk out the casino door with all that cash. The Online Betting rules out that risk because all winnings are processed online and there are enough security measures in place to ensure that your money is always safe.


However, you must read reviews and ask to expert gamblers before you sign up to a casino. Remember that there are reliable Online Bettings and some which aren’t, so make sure you are choosing a reputable one.


Free bonuses to play online


Something you can never get in a land-based casino is free play money. This is possible with the no deposit bonuses that many Online Bettings offer to their customers. In this sense, it is enough to register and verify the information in most cases to get a bonus in the form of free money to bet or free spins, for example.


Most casinos offer multiple bonuses and promotions with which to get extra money. So, take advantage of this benefit and start playing Andar Bahar online to get bonuses and extra money while you are having fun.


Payment methods in Online Bettings


We should point out that Online Bettings have multiple convenient payment methods. You no longer must worry about feeling obliged to use a certain payment system to withdraw the winnings from your casino account. You will be able to choose the method that best suits your preferences or circumstances at any given moment.


Customer service at Online Bettings


The doubts or problems that you encounter when playing at an Online Betting will have a quick and easy resolution with the customer service of these pages. Something much more difficult to do in a land-based casino, where it is not clear to whom to ask for assistance.


It is important to mention that Online Bettings have staff ready to assist you in a personalized way and solve any inconvenience you may encounter while surfing the web. So, do not forget to ask for assistance when necessary.

Andar Bahar


They are friendly for beginner users


We can say that traditional casinos can be a very intimidating place for a novice player. The Online Betting is a much better platform for a beginner to learn and improve their skills. Many gaming sites offer free games to help players choose the games they are most comfortable with.


So, if you are a beginner with casino games, online gambling options can be so useful for you, but ensure you are selecting a user-friendly casino site where you can start sharpening your gambling skills.


You are protecting against Covid-19


Maybe some people can laugh about this recommendation, but the truth is that online activities can help you prevent the Covid-19 virus. So, if you want to avoid land-based casinos due to the pandemic situation, do not forget that Online Bettings might be a great alternative for you whenever you live.


So, these are the ten reasons why you can decide to play Andar Bahar in an Online Betting. What do you think? Do you agree with us? Maybe some reasons make you think about join into an Online Betting or perhaps you prefer to get together with family or friends to play Andar Bahar or other card games, especially the ones that are traditional in India.


Otherwise, if you play Andar Bahar online or offline, we are sure that you will have lots of fun when playing one of the most exciting casino games you can find in India. Even tough, check out other casino games that are still popular in Indian casinos.

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Other traditional casino games in India

  1. ✔️Teen Patti: Teen patti is a card game that originated in the Indian subcontinent and is popular throughout South Asia. It originated from the English three-card bragging game, with influences from poker. It is also called flush or flash in some areas.

  2. ✔️Rummy: Rummy is a board game; it is played with the French deck of cards or with chips. Two sets of complete decks are used, that is, 104 cards or tiles + 4 jokers. Two or more players can participate. The game is played individually.

  3. ✔️ Poker: Texas Hold'em Poker is the most popular variant of this game. Each player has two cards of his own plus five community cards with which to form his hand. This is other casino game which is popular in Online Bettings.

  4. ✔️ Blackjack: Blackjack, also called twenty-one, is a card game played in casinos with one or more English decks of 52 cards without jokers, which consists of adding a value as close to 21 as possible without going over. As you can see, you have more than an option to enjoy the best of casino games in India!


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