Find out when the Cricket World Cup started

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Find out when the Cricket World Cup started


The History of Cricket World Cup

How did the Cricket World Cup become so popular?

The hitting of a wicket makes many nations come together since the Cricket World Cup is the most important trophy in the world of men's cricket organized by the International Cricket Council. In fact, the competition games are limited overs cricket, with the stipulation called One Day International (ODI).


The sports media records indicate the Cricket World Cup is the third most attended sportive tournament after the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup. However, others have mentioned that instead of the Cricket World Cup it should be placed fourth, preceded by the Rugby World Cup.


The Australian national cricket team is the most successful team having won the trophy five times, followed by the West Indies team and India with two successes and finally Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and England with one win each. There is also the Women's Cricket World Cup, organized separately from the men's, which has been held every four years since 1973.

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Cricket World Cup’s History


The first international competition in Cricket’s History dates to 1844 between the United States and Canada. The first official test match was the game between England and Australia in 1877.


Later, Olympic Games cricket was recognized as an Olympic discipline in 1900, but it was widely disputed, and the IOC expelled the discipline from the next edition. After that, there was an attempt to organize a tournament other than the usual tours in 1912. However, the triangular cricket was such a failure that only one edition was played.

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According to different sources: “Over the years, the number of full members increased with the entry of the British West Indies, New Zealand, India, and Pakistan, but cricket continued to be federated through bilateral challenges. In the early 1960s, England experimented with early forms of one-day cricket, achieving such success that it led to the founding of the Sunday League in 1969”.


Moreover, the first four days of a Test match was canceled due to the rain during the Ashes series. Therefore, the First One-Day International in the history of cricket was organized and this new formula succeeded, bringing the idea of organizing a cricket world cup to all major nations. Consequently, the Cricket World Cup had come in 1975!


When the first Cricket World Cup was held, there was no competition for the prize, as England was the only country who had organized a tournament and won a direct prize. Conforming to History, the Cup was also called the Prudential World Cup due to the sponsorship of the Prudential Insurance Company.


There were no qualifying competitions as the participants were invited directly by the organizers: the full members of the Federation, Sri Lanka, and a selection of the best players from East Africa were invited. Even though, South Africa didn’t attend the Cricket World Cup then for political reasons, as in all major sporting competitions.


Then, the cricket teams played at the 60-over limit and the final victory went to the British West Indies team. The second Cricket World Cup was also awarded directly to England. Right then, a qualification mechanism was introduced for the first time for the last two places, through the ICC Trophy: Sri Lanka and Canada, without going so far in the tournament.


“Later, for the third edition, India had originally entered, however, wanting the ICC to keep the tournament. In June, England was again preferred due to better light and weather conditions; however, on this occasion some matches were also played in Wales”, experts say.


From an organizational point of view, compared to the previous edition, the first phase changed; now in the groups each team met twice as many teams instead of in one game. It was a surprise for the Indian team, which in the final had the best of the two-time champion Caribbean favorites, to which all three failed.

Cricket World Cup

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The recent achievements of the Cricket World Cup


India and Pakistan held the 1987 Cricket World Cup, the first competition that cricket fans attended outside the UK, the winning run for the organization was the joint bid by India and Pakistan.
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On the other hand, the formula remained with no changes during that edition, but the rules changed when the organizers of the Cricket World Cup had reduced from 60 to 50 overs per team per match. So, victory went for the first time to the Australian national team who defeated England in the final in Calcutta.


Four years later, Australia and New Zealand awarded the 1991 edition: “However, due to the southern hemisphere's more favorable climate in the winter months, the tournament was moved from the summer of '91 to early '92 and there were multiple new features”, historical records said.


Players were allowed to wear uniforms with national colors instead of the traditional white for the first time, the first matches were also played under artificial lighting and South Africa was readmitted, which thus made its debut in the competition bringing the number of participating teams to nine.


In addition, the organizers had modified the formula by gathering all teams in a single Italian-style group with one-way matches in which all teams faced all opponents only once. At the end of the group, the top four teams played each other in the semi-finals (first - fourth and second - third) and final competition.


Furthermore, surprises were not lacking, as the hosts, defending champions were eliminated in the first round and win the tournament. Unexpectedly Pakistan started badly, with three defeats (and one game canceled) in the first five runs. In 1996, Sri Lanka lifted the Cricket World Cup, being the host country.

     Countries that have participated in the Cricket World Cup        Recent World Cup winners  
   Year           Winner    
Asia: India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, West Indies. 2015 Australia
Oceania: Australia and New Zealand.
Europe: England 2019 England
Africa: Kenia, Zimbawe, South Africa.

Expansion of the Cricket World Cup


Over the years, the tournament was expanded to 14 teams and changed the formula again: the two groups separated by seven teams each, with first leg games. The top four teams met in the quarterfinals, then in the semifinals and the final match.

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The final victory went to the Australian team that in the final clearly defeated Pakistan, to make news. Even though, the semi-final between Australia and South Africa ended up with a booming draw (213 runs for both with all batsmen out in 49 overs).


In 1999, other European countries such as Scotland, Ireland and the Netherlands had also played during the Cricket World Cup. In addition, the original quadrennial cadence came back, and it was awarded for the fourth time in history to England.


Cricket World Cup after the 2000’s


The 21st century brought new horizons for the cricket tournaments! Conforming to different sources: “In 2003, the Cricket World Cup was held in South Africa (with some matches in Kenya and Zimbabwe) and this resulted in a move from June - July to February – March”.


The hosts dropped out of the tournament in the first round, while heavy favorites Australia were confirmed champions by defeating India in the final. During the competition, the semi-final reached by Kenya had been memorable, considered the best moment in the history of national cricket.

Cricket World Cup


Later, the tournament was awarded to the only full ICC member federation in 2007, named the West Indies Cricket Board. The tournament was expanded to 16 teams and Australia managed to score the hat-trick, for the first time in history, defeating the Sinhalese National Team in the first final which was decided by the Duckworth-Lewis method as rain heavily conditioned the match.


India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and for the first time Bangladesh hosted the Cricket World Cup in 2011. At that time, Pakistan was expelled from the organization before the competition due to the country's multiple security problems, it was also decided to return to 14 teams after the experience to 16 of the previous editions:


“The final was played in Mumbai between two of the co-organizing countries and saw India (who in the quarterfinals eliminated defending champions Australia, denying them a historic poker of success) win against Sri Lanka”, many sources mention.


In 2015, the co-hosted edition of the Cricket World Cup was held by Australia and New Zealand, and as four years earlier the final was a derby between the host countries and the winners were (for the fifth time) the Australians.


Therefore, the 2019 and 2023 editions were respectively assigned to England (with some matches in Wales) and India (which despite having hosted the tournament three more times will for the first time organize the Cup entirely on its own).


Sponsorships and awards for the tournament through History


The trophy awarded to the winning team has not remained constant over time, but it has varied several times since the trophy was donated to the ICC by the main sponsor of the competition until 1999.


“In the 1987 edition, the main sponsor became Reliance Industries who donated a different trophy from the previous one, as did Benson & Hedges in 1992 and W. D. & H. O. Wills in 1996. In 1999, the World Federation, tired of constantly changing trophies, established its own trophy, calling it the ICC World Cup Trophy”, historians say.


Currently, the rules stipulate that the trophy is always kept at the ICC offices in Dubai. Moreover, it is only used for the award ceremony of the World Cup winning team. However, The Winning Federation can get a replica of the trophy, which is permanently assigned to it and is faithful to the original in shape and size, differing only by the absence of the ICC logo, present instead of the original.


In fact, the various replicas are not equal since the ICC logo is replaced by the official logo of the edition of the World Cup in which it was awarded. Even though, this practice has only been followed since the 2007 Cup, so the 1999 and 2003 (both owned by the Australian Cricket Board) are identical in all respects.


Final stages – Cricket World Cup


The final stage of the tournament was held every four years in the past due to the changing phase of the seasons between the southern hemisphere and the northern hemisphere, the rhythm was occasionally varied for five years between 1987 and 1992, three years between 1996 and 1999), and during the intervening period qualifying matches are played for the final stage.


Until the 2019 edition, the world's strongest national teams (those enjoying Test status) were removed from the burden of having to face the playoffs and thus automatically qualified for the final stage; to these teams were added those qualifying through ICC World Cup qualification. From 2019 onwards, the qualification is decided solely and exclusively by the position in the ICC ODI championship.


The formula currently in force provides for the division of the ten participating teams into a single Italian group, with each team playing all the other teams once. The top four teams at the end of the group qualify for the semi-finals (first against fourth, second against third), followed by the final.


What’s going on with the next World Cup?


The next world cup will be held in 2023. This time, India will host the competition for the first time. Conforming to some sources: “The 2023 ICC Men's Cricket World Cup will be the 13th edition of the men's Cricket World Cup, scheduled to be hosted by India during October and November 2023”.


At first, the tournament was supposed to be played in February to March 2023, but in July, the committee announced that the competition would be postponed due to the pandemic. Like past editions, this competition is going to feature ten cricket teams.


Qualification process will take place in the 2020–2023 ICC Cricket World Cup Super League tournament matches. For the Cricket World Cup, the top seven sides will qualify, including the hosts (India) from the thirteen competitors in the Super League.


On the other hand: “The remaining five teams, along with five Associate sides, will play in the 2023 Cricket World Cup Qualifier, from which two teams will go through to the final tournament”, media reports say. Are you ready for the next Cricket World Cup?.

Cricket World Cup


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