Discover the benefits of playing Rummy with friends!

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Discover the benefits of playing Rummy with friends!

Rummy games

How to have fun when playing Rummy games?

Nothing more fun than playing Rummy with family and friends! In previous articles, we have talked about other Indian traditional games like Andar Bahar and Teen Patti, other beloved games by Indians. Rummy is an-easy game to play, the only thing you need is two decks of cards, and you can play with one or more players since the more you are, the more excitement you can feel! To play this board game, you need French decks of cards or with tiles (numbered from 1 to 13 and in 4 colors or suits).

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As you are using two sets of full decks, it means you have 104 cards or tiles + 4 jokers. Even you are playing with more people, the game is individual (no team play). Each player is dealt 14 cards or tokens and the rest of the cards or tokens are placed in the pot.

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Many resources point that the aim of each hand is to discard all the cards on the table. Cards from 1 to 7 have a value of 5 points and cards from 8 to 13 have a value of 10 points for accounting purposes to define the winner. It is not possible to cut with cards that are jokers, for example the number 2.


How to play Rummy


You must require at least 30 points in one or more groups and/or ladders to get down for the first time. Then, each player, at her/his turn, will try to go down one or more groups or ladders. If in his turn the player has no way to play at least one card or tile down, she/he must take a card or tile from the pit and will lose his turn.


According to the rules, once the player has gone down for the first time, in the next turn, the player can make a game with the pieces that are on the table, being able to manipulate them to create new combinations including the cards or tiles he owns to get rid of them.

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On the other hand, the groups can be terns (3 cards) or quads (4 cards) (cards of the same value and different suits). The straights 1 are 4 consecutive cards of the same suit (only the 1 can be placed after the 13 and then continue the numbering successively after the 1; example 13,1,2,3).


Some sources mention that jokers can occupy any place if they are in the player's hand, once placed on the table they take the assigned value: “If a player (in his turn) has the card or tile that occupies a joker on the table, he can replace it to use it immediately, but he cannot keep it to use it later”.


The winner of the hand will be the one who gets rid of all his cards or tiles first, and the points that the rest of the players have got, they will be added to the winner's personal account. The winner of the game will be the one who first adds 101 points to his account (or the amount agreed at the beginning of the game).

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Five advantages of playing Rummy


Check out the five advantages of playing Rummy, one of the most popular games in India and other Asian countries:


You can play Rummy online or offline as well


Rummy is one of the most popular games you can play online. However, if you want to play Rummy online, you must make sure you are choosing a reputable site since there are many websites that offers games online, but they are not safe enough.


On the other hand, if you feel more comfortable playing Rummy with your family or friends, you can also do it. Just get two decks and a friends meeting is the only thing you need in case you want to enjoy the best of traditional Indian games.


You can sharpen your mind skills


I have read some testimonies about people who swear that games like Rummy helped them to increase mathematics abilities. For example, Al Case mentions that Rummy had helped him with Math exercises when he was younger:


“Mi mom brought out a few decks of cards and we played. We learned how to play solitaire, and in group fashion. To this day I feel a profound happiness swell when I remember four of us, my brother, myself, my mother, and even granny. Slapping those cards down, trying to beat one another, and laughing hysterically. (…)


But the point is that we learned to look at numerical symbols and understand them. The speed at which we could differentiate a 4 from a 6, or a 9, or whatever, enabled us to win the game. So, we wanted. And, when the group wasn't spending a night slapping cards down, we learned other games like Rummy”, Case says.


Moreover, Shivam Mehta mentions how helpful is to play games like Rummy, Crossword puzzles, Chess, Sudoku and the Rubik’s Cube. As you can realize, Menhta is comparing Rummy with other games that require a high level of numerical skills. Therefore, increasing your math abilities is another reason to enjoy the best of Rummy games: “Playing this game not only requires good luck but also intelligence as we need to predict what cards our opponents may own”, Mehta said.

 Rummy: one of the favorite vintage games

It is the ideal game to play with family and friends


One of the most attractive things about Rummy is that you can get together with family and friends and play it wherever you are. Get together with your loved ones and spend great times by playing Rummy games.


It is proven that people who spend time playing cards with friends can strengthen the friends and family’s relationships since this is an activity that makes people get excited as they compete in a healthy way with others.


On the other hand, if you want to avoid getting out of home, Rummy is a great alternative for you. Since pandemic started, many people are looking for activities they can do at home, so Rummy is one of the activities you can do with your family without risk.


Rummy is easy to master


We have explained before the main rules of Rummy, and we are sure that you can learn them in less than an hour. There are many games that require days and months to be mastered but Rummy is different.


Even tough, we recommend you watching some tutorials if you require so. There are great ones you can watch and share with friends to be familiarized with the main rules of this millenary and amazing Indian game.



You will really have lots of fun when playing


Even I didn’t mention it as the first benefit, I’m pretty sure it is the most important one. Having fun is the main reason why you should try playing Rummy or other card games. As we have mentioned in previous articles, card games help your mind be clear and awake, but at the same time, you can enjoy a great experience.


Remember that the best experience you can find is the excitement of doing what you like. In addition, if you haven’t tried playing Rummy before, do not forget that new experiences also bring people the possibility to discover something amazing for them.


What to know before playing Rummy


Rummy has been so popular in Indian culture; at the same time its variants have increased through the time. The reason is that when something is simple, it is easy to popularize it. Therefore, many people prefer to play Rummy than other games due to its simplicity to be played.


“The rules of the Rummy game are so simple that you can instantly learn and begin playing. As more people have been playing, there are so many variations of the game”, experts point. On the other hand, the Internet has let Rummy become more popular since there are lots of Online Bettings where you can find Rummy. Even tough, you must know some things before you begin learning how to play rummy online or offline as well:

  • ✔️ Rummy rules are the same both online and offline: Most people think offline and online rummy games are different, but they are making a mistake. The basic rummy statements remain the same, except for some little changes that you can find online, but they are not significant at all.

  • ✔️ Online rummy is time-based: We have explained that there is not much difference between online and offline Rummy either. However, one of the important aspects that makes the difference that it is time-based. So, as a Rummy started you must learn how to play Rummy with a stipulated time if you want to master it at all, especially at online websites.

  • ✔️ Online game is fast paced: According to experts, “as the online game requires you to discard or pick cards at a fast pace, so that you don't lose your turn, you are expected to learn rummy as a game of quick evaluation and quick decisions. This time-bound feature makes the online format faster as compared to the offline version”.

  • ✔️ Free games to learn and play better: Online rummy websites can offer games for free if you are a beginner or if you are looking for fun. In addition, some other sites can offer not limited free-rolls that let you learn how to improve your rummy skills. So, you can play it without losing money!

  • ✔️ Broad spectrum of players: At online rummy, there are no limits as you play with more people from other countries and you can face some interesting challenges and learn new features of Rummy, especially if you want to master Indian rummy format, online sites will help you improve your rummy skills.

  • ✔️ Terms of use: “Online rummy sites have their own terms of use for players. So, while you go about learning how to play rummy, make yourself familiar with the terms and conditions of the website before you start playing for fun or real cash”, experts recommend.

  • ✔️ Making online payment: Online rummy websites require to get registered with the authorities, no matter where they are located. They can also give you safe payment gateways for their users to make payments through any form. Even though, caution must also prevail in favor of the user. As a player, you must revise from your end too before you give any personal information and make online payments.


Rummy history


Every time you talk about the history of a game, there are many theories that surround their origins and the same happens with rummy history. Some people think that Rummy is related with Conquian, the Spanish game that was originated hundreds of years ago and was sent to Latin America in the mid-1800s and then, spread around the world.


However, there are other reference to the Native American origins of Conquian game, since there was a game named "Cooncan" (this name came later and Coon "Can "," Coon-Can "," Coon-King ", or" Conkin). Other theory says that Rummy origin dates to England, where it was called "Ron". The "Rum" to cry out again when the Atlantic became "Rummy" (English name for rummy novel).


Theory of Poker


According to some sources, this theory states that playing rummy evolved from Poker. Poker and Rummy are in fact some similar questions regarding how the books are combined. In fact, books that are combined, both share the concept of number (cards, straight in poker) or groups (the value in books the same but different colored called three of a kind in poker, or a square).


Specifically, it is said that Rummy evolved from a game called "Whisky poker", which later became known as "Rum Poker" and later simply "rum". and later simply "rum". In conclusion, it was the name of "Rummy" (English name of novel rummy).


On the other hand, there is a Chinese game called "Khanhoo" and another one called "Kon Khin" coror of this era detected in the late 1800s. These games are based on the formation of combinations (string and groups) as in the zielele rummy. Even we have many theories, if something you can be sure about is that love is one of the most amazing card games ever seen!

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