Cricket world cup: Why is cricket the favorite sport and cultural pillar in India? – Fun88

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Cricket world cup: Why is cricket the favorite sport and cultural pillar in India? – Fun88

Cricket World cup – Fun88


Why is the Cricket World cup so important in India? – Fun88

Music, art, Hindu dancing, festivals and religion take part of the most important cultural pillars in India and this is so visible in any international tourism magazine, historical books and documentaries. Even tough, cricket is also one of the most remarkable backbones in India since it is a popular sport around over the world, especially in the Commonwealth regions. Therefore, Cricket World cup is one of the major sports events that Indians are into.


Cricket is a strategic team sport played primarily with a bat and ball. As mentioned before, India, a Commonwealth country, is known to be obsessed with the sport. If you don’t understand so well what is cricket about, keep reading to discover all necessary information to get into cricket and Cricket World cup.


How is cricket played? – Fun88


Cricket is one of the most complex sports, especially for those who are not yet familiar with it. Cricket is played in teams of 11 players. Two teams compete against each other to score more runs than the other. Each team plays the same number of innings and the team with the most runs at the end of the innings wins.

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Innings, spelled as a plural word even when referring to the singular form, refers to the period in which a team takes a turn at batting. While the cricketer is batting, the opposing team lines up to try to end their innings by dismissing the batters. Totally, there are 10 ways to dismiss a batsman.


At the same time, there are 11 fielders from one team and two batters from the other. Depending on the format of the game, a match may have 1 or 2 innings for each team. The game starts with the captains of the two teams flipping a coin. This determines which team bats first.


Other useful cricket jargon – Fun88


Most of the time, when reading news about cricket, we wonder about the cricket jargon. Check out some key words you need to understand before getting into Cricket World Cup and all cricket tournaments:

  • ✔️ Over: 1 over equals 6 ball deliveries by the bowler.
  • ✔️ Run: The points scored by the batsmen. 
  • ✔️ Gardener: Players spread across the field to prevent the ball from hitting the boundary, to throw the ball into the wicket or to catch the ball to dismiss the batsman. 
  • ✔️ Out: Dismissal of a batter 
  • ✔️ Perimeter: The periphery of the field bordered by an object. If the ball hits the boundary, 4 runs are scored. If it goes over the boundary, 6 points are scored.

Match Formats – Fun88


Cricket has important match formats such as:

  • ✔️ List: Test matches are the most conventional kind of cricket matches. The game is played over a period of five days and each team has two innings to score runs.
  • ✔️ One-day: As the name suggests, this format is played over 1 day. Each team gets 1 innings with 50 overs to score their runs.
  • ✔️ T20: T20 is also another type of one day format but of shorter duration. Here each team gets one innings with 20 overs to score as many runs as possible. This style was invented in 2003 so it is the newest format.

Location – Fun88


The game is played on an oval shaped grass field with a 22-yard rectangular field neatly mowed in the center. A gate is placed at the end of the field and white lines mark where the gate is placed and where the batsmen are sited. It is important to mention that the Narendra Modi Stadium in Gujarat, India, is the largest cricket stadium in the world. The rectangle in the middle of the field is the 22-yard pitch.


Basic equipment - Fun88

  • ✔️ Cricket ball: The ball is made of cork, leather, and string. Cricket balls were customarily red, but today, white balls are used for better visibility. The circumference of the ball cannot exceed 22.9 cm.
  • ✔️ Cricket bat: A wooden bat is usually made of willow and the handle with cane, wood, and rubber. The total length of the bat cannot exceed 96.5 cm.
  • ✔️ Windows: A set of three thick wooden stumps thrown on the ground with a pair of wooden hooks are placed on top of the portholes. If the ball hits the stumps, the bails fall, and the batsman is dismissed.

International cricket – Fun88


Professional cricket is played by both men's and women's teams as well. However, men's cricket receives more attention than women's games even in this decade when female empowerment movement has been encouraged by media and society around the world.


The International Cricket Council or ICC is the highest governing body for cricket worldwide. There are currently 104 member countries with 12 full members and 92 associate members. India is one of the full members.


Cricket in India - Fun88


Although field hockey is the national sport, cricket is more popular and more celebrated. Indian teams play both domestically and internationally. The national cricket teams that represent India at the international level receive the most attention.


The Board of Control for Cricket in India or BCCI is the governing body for cricket in India for both men's and women's team. This is the body that is a member of the ICC for all three formats of matches. The Indian men's cricket team is called Men in Blue, while the women's team is called Women in Blue after the color of their uniform. Both teams represent India in international cricket.



The men's team has shown exemplary performances and currently holds world records and titles, making them role models for cricket fans. So far, India has won 2 one day international world cup titles, one in 1983 and another in 2011. Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, Sourav Ganguly, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Virat Kohli are some of the notable figures such as:


✔️ Virat Kohli: Virat Kohli, current captain of the Men's National Team.


✔️ Sachin Tendulkar: He is one of the former captains, is another iconic figure and is considered one of the greatest cricketers ever. So much so that Indians call him the God of cricket.


The women's team has also made several achievements, especially in recent years. They had become the runners-up in the women's category. world cup for one day International in 2005 and 2017. Mitali Raj, Harmanpreet Kaur, Shafali Verma, Jhulan Goswami and Smriti Mandana are some of the notable figures.


Initially, cricket was considered an elite sport, like royalty and nobility. They would even go on to represent India at the international level. Over time, ordinary people from the big cities would play and gradually people from small towns and villages found their place in the team.


Today, cricketers representing India at the international level enjoy celebrity status in India. This influences ordinary people to play cricket in the hope of earning a living and improving their social status.


Betting on the Cricket World Cup – Fun88


Cricket has to be one of the best opportunities for calculated winnings by knowledgeable gamblers in the betting industry, especially during the World Cup. There are matches almost daily all over the world, and very often more than one match, the wide range of nuances to bet on and the great liquidity shown in an incredible selection of betting markets, cricket offers the best gambling opportunities, especially for the informed. Moreover, it is important to choose a reputable site to bet, like Fun88.


Essential research for bettors – Fun88


Study statistics and past results for each ground. There are excellent online tools that allow you to see past trends on almost every pitch. Trends such as pitching characteristics, run rates, total innings and game winners can give you a very good idea of where your money would be best placed.


Understand the impact weather has on the game since weather makes a difference in the markets for playing Cricket games. On sunny days, the advantage goes to the batsmen and works against the faster bowlers. However, the relentless sunlight will bake the pitch and cause it to break up, and this will favor the spinners towards the end of the game.


Swing pitchers have a big advantage when there is consistent cloud cover, so batting totals historically are much lower than average on days like that. Also, keep in mind that in the event of bad weather, the method of resetting batting overs will be used if overs were to be reduced in a one-day game. If this happens, you will need to keep a close eye on the live game, as it can have a massive effect on who ends up being the winning team.


Research the players that play in the Cricket World cup – Fun88


Besides the best of the all-rounders, most players have a more specific skill set and certain conditions and formats of play in which they play best. Cricket has so many variations that this is essential knowledge to acquire if you plan to bet on Cricket. For example, some players are excellent at Test and 50+ batsmen, but are simply not excellent at T20, and vice versa. Certainly, there is a broader type of home presentation that affects the results.


Batsmen from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh generally learn on pitches that are slower and with less bounce than those encountered on tour. Only when they play in South Africa, England or Australia do they tend not to score as high as they do at home. The same applies to subcontinental games for English teams.

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Getting to know tournaments and formats – Fun88


Understanding the different formats of Cricket gives the informed better odds of winning. There are different strategies for betting on the following formats: Five-day international Test matches; English county four-day matches; Fifty-plus matches per team (usually international teams); English counties Forty-plus matches per side played in the CB40 Trophy and Twenty-plus cricket matches per side. And of course, the Cricket World cup.


Twenty-over matches are a very popular worldwide cricket phenomenon played on the international stage and offer four major club tournaments. Research the different Online Betting strategies well before you start betting at fun88 on the Cricket World cup.


Remember that fun88 bet offers the best bonuses and promotions, especially for Indian bettors. On the other hand, you can download fun88 india App in your iOS mobile or Android as well. Visit fun88 login and start enjoying the best of the Cricket World cup in India!


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