Cricket World cup is coming soon on January 14th, 2022! - Fun88

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Cricket World cup is coming soon on January 14th, 2022! - Fun88

2022 – ICC U19 Men's Cricket World Cup


Get ready for the Cricket World cup! – Fun88

This 2022, cricket and football lovers will celebrate two major sportive events: Qatar 2022 and the Cricket World cup. Cricket World Cup matches will be held from January 14th to February 5th, 2022, taking place in the West Indies where 16 countries will play out a total of 48 matches to decide who the winner is! According to media news, India Schedule India will be joined in Group B by Ireland, Uganda and South Africa and it might be an easy group to qualify from. The dates of the matches are:


1) India v South Africa- 15th January-10 am (The timings are as per West Indies Standard time)


2)India v Ireland- 19th January- 10 am


3) India v Uganda- 22nd January-10 AM. The other groups will be Group A- Bangladesh, Canada, UAE, and England. Group C- Afghanistan, Papua New Guinea, Zimbabwe, and Pakistan.


It’s important to mention that India’s History has been considered one of the countries which has delivered steady performances at the Under 19 Cricket World cup. Conforming to historians, they first took part in 1988 where the team finished in 6th place.


Then, India has participated during 14 times in the Cricket World cup and its team has won the tournament a total of 4 times and coming in as runners-up 3 times. They won in 200, 2008, 2012, and 2018 while finishing runners-up in 2006, 2016, and 2020. Therefore, India has had a great role during the history of Cricket World cup.


How to bet on the Cricket World cup – Fun88


How to bet on Cricket? Cricket is a very popular sport around the world, being widely practiced and followed mainly in the United Kingdom, Asia and South Africa. Cricket is a giant in countries such as England, Pakistan, India, Australia and South Africa. Cricket can be considered a relative of baseball, in the same way that soccer can be considered a relative of Rugby.


Know the rules and history of Cricket


Cricket was created in England in 1566, inspired by a medieval game called "stoolball". As time went by, cricket gained popularity in England, mainly among the country's elite. In the 19th century, cricket reached other continents, such as Asia, Oceania and Africa, and today it has become one of the most popular sports in those continents.


In cricket, each team has 11 players, and the round field is divided into three regions, like baseball. They are the rectangle, also known as the pitch, the inner circle (infield) and the outer circle (outfield).


The rectangle is 20 meters long and is located in the middle of the field, with the shooter on one side and the batter on the other. Behind both the shooter and the batter are three wooden stakes called wickets, with 2 small woods on top, called bails.


The bowler throws the ball in the direction of the batsman. The batsman's objective is to knock down the opposing bails, while the bowler needs to run between two areas of the field to complete a run. Cricket can be played in three formats, which vary in length. There is T2, which lasts three hours, One-Day, which lasts eight hours, and Test cricket, which can last up to five days.

 Online Online Betting: Place your bets on the Cricket World Cup!

Betting on Cricket – Fun88


Like most sports, the most popular type of betting in cricket is the winner bet, where you bet on which team will win the match. Cricket also has some more specific markets, such as betting on who will be the best batsman of one of the teams, or who will be the best bowler of each team.


The bowler would be the equivalent of the baseball "pitcher", the pitcher who tries to break down the bails of the opposing team. You can even bet on the total amount of runs that a game will have, in the Over/Under market.


A tip before you start betting on cricket is to understand the rules of the game and be patient, as the matches tend to be quite long. Start betting on the main cricket tournaments in the world and get to know the main teams and players, always trying to get as much information as possible before risking your money betting on this sport.


History of International Online Betting – Fun88


Online Betting on international matches, whether Test matches or relevant matches such as T20s, is available at Fun88 with all the variables you can imagine. There are currently 12 nations officially in contention for cricket dominance, since Afghanistan and Ireland joined Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, the West Indies and Zimbabwe.


Despite all this, the big international rivalries are still the ones that generate a lot of Online Betting. On the other hand, the rivalry between India and Pakistan is at least equally fierce, but the two teams have been restricted to playing each other at neutral venues for some years, for security reasons.


Along with the larger Test Matches, there are the One Day International series and the T20 series, which can accompany a Test Tour, adding additional excitement to the season. All these disciplines see their culmination every four years in the ICC World Cup and ICC T20 World Cup, which can also be bet on at Fun88.


County Championship Online Betting – Fun88


Online Betting does not begin and end only on the international scene, but at Fun88 you will find options to bet on somewhat more local level first-class cricket matches as well. First, in terms of history, we must mention the Specsavers County Championship. The first recorded match in this county took place in 1709 and official competition began in 1890. Betting opportunities are open from April to September.


Other counties also contest the Royal London One-Day Cup and the Natwest T20 Blast, which means there are always new options for betting on cricket. Just as it's not all international competitions, Online Betting is not just limited to England.


Furthermore, the flashiest and fastest growing form of cricket is T20. Betting on the Indian Premier League (IPL), the Big Bash League and the Caribbean Premier League is growing in popularity as the sport's fame spreads around the world.


How to bet on cricket


Betting on cricket at fun88 login goes beyond what odds the teams have to win the match. The variety of options is so wide, that any gambler can find the one that fits his preferences.

  • ✔️ Betting on the toss: Betting on who wins the toss of the first toss is one of the ways to get started with your Online Betting.

  • ✔️ Runscorer odds: Options to bet on who will be the top scorer in the series allow you to pick the best batsman, either in a match or in a particular series.

  • ✔️ Team and score betting: As well as betting on the performances of cricket's biggest stars with bat or ball, you can bet on the exploits of the teams available at Fun88. You can place bets on who will get the highest total in the first or second innings, score the most runs over the course of the match or the chances of getting a value over or under total runs difference. You have all the options you want to bet on cricket, even on every play of the pros on the field.

Online Betting during the match


Cricket is a very popular sport to bet on during the match, and with Fun88 you can make any bet you want. Betting on the next ball being a point, four or six is possible at Fun88, along with a whole ocean of odds that cricket offers as the teams compete.

cricket world cup


Among this variety of in-play betting options, you can also bet on the players themselves. An expert knowledge of the game of cricket, can motivate you to bet on whether a player is going to be dropped, get a throw, get caught off the ball, etcetera.


Online Betting at Fun88


As in any major event, you can bet online on reliable bookmakers like fun88. Fun88 offers the best benefits if you want to bet on the Cricket World cup. In addition, fun88 bet offer great bonuses, promotions, and benefits.


If you want to start betting on the Cricket World Cup, sign up on fun88 india site or download Fun88 app. Fun88 offers great possibilities to bet in a safe and exciting way if you are into Online Betting or even you prefer to wager on any other sport. Enjoy Online Betting on fun88 login!

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