When is Cricket World Cup going on?

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When is Cricket World Cup going on?

Cricket World Cup 2023


When will Cricket World Cup take place?


Fancy, exciting and fascinating, that is the best way I can find to describe cricket. This massive sport makes the world come together as one when an international tournament like Cricket World Cup takes place.


Cricket competition are almost a family tradition every time they come as families sit together to watch the best of cricketing on television. In addition, people in India start getting into cricket at a very young age. Basically, cricket is one of the most beloved sports in India.


If you are not familiar with cricket, it may seem very confusing, but it is not hard to understand this amazing sport. The aim of the game is to score runs: a bowler throws the ball to a batsman, who must throw it as far as possible from the fielders and run to the other end of the field to score a run.


Then, the batter is out if the ball she/he throws is caught, or if the pitcher knocks down the wicket (a structure behind the pitcher consisting of three wooden sticks and two small crossbars). In addition, he/she may be eliminated if stopping with their leg a ball that has hit the wickets.


The Cricket World Cup: the major event in Cricket’s world


We are all excited since Cricket World Cup is coming soon this 2023! If there is an amazing sportive event in Commonwealth nations like India, England, and Australia, is the Cricket World Cup, which is held every four years. This Cricket league will take place during October and November 2023, being the first time that its competition will be hosted in India.


This will be the 13th edition of the men's Cricket World Cup. Even the ICC had scheduled the Cricket World Cup in February and March 2023, but since pandemic started, it was decided to postpone this tournament some months later.


Conforming to the latest news: “This Cricket World Cup will feature ten teams and the top seven sides from all competitors in the Super League will qualify. The other five times will play in the 2023 Cricket World Cup Qualifier, from which two teams will go through to the final competition”.

World Cup Cricket


The thing I like the most about this Cricket World Cup 2023 is that India will host this edition. Cricket is considered in India a national sport since many people start playing cricket during their childhood. In addition, when an event like Cricket World Cup is held, a massive television audience sits on the couch and watch one of the most popular tournaments in the country.


Indian Cricket History shows us how passion, love and effort pay off! So, if you want to know what Indian Cricket has achieved through history, keep reading and discover why Cricket is one of the most amazing sports in India and around over the world.


Cricket in India: the most beloved and popular sport


Several of the most popular sports are played like Tennis, Basketball and Soccer around the world, but there is no sport that replace Cricket in India as the most popular and beloved sport for people there.


Moreover, you might find some relatively unknown but very popular here like Kabaddi. However, you will never see American Football. From the 23 countries that have a professional cricket league, India has the largest one (in attendance and budget): the Indian Premier League or IPL. It is the sixth league in the world (among all sports) with the maximum attendance in the stadium.


Cricket has been played in three diverse formats: the test is the purest of the three, all players wear white, and a match can last up to five days with six hours of play per day. In the One Day a match lasts approximately seven hours and in the T20 which is the most common and the one played in the national leagues a match lasts around four hours.


Even tough, the most important event is the Cricket World Cup. On the other hand, Indians consider cricketers as true national heroes all the time! As we know, people in India are passionate about cricket since everybody loves to play Cricket.


Moreover, many legendary cricketers including Sachin Tendulkar and Sunil Gavaskar, batsmen who have outstood in the history of cricket. After, India lifted 1983 Cricket World Cup, the Indian cricketers have achieved lots of goals such as the 2011 World Cup and many more.


The greatest Cricket Indian achievements


The biggest goal was the 1983 Cricket World Cup, when Kapil Dev’s team did beat the powerful West Indies. When getting the last two Cricket World Cups, West Indies were the preferred to lift the Cup once more, but Indians made it once again!


As everyone expected, Michael Holding and Joel Garner delivered an extraordinary bowling performance in the Final match, when the Indian team scored just 183 runs, exploiting the conditions in the best form, and defeating the West Indian team. “The underdogs, India, defeated the invincible West Indian team, surprising everyone”, the experts said then.


Cricket World Cup was lifted by India for the second time in history during 2011, defeating the West Indies and Australia. On similar pitch conditions, batters performed so well even against undefeatable bowling attacks, beating Sri Lanka in the Final Match by six wickets, lifting the Cricket World Cup then.


The leading role of Sachin Tendulkar


There is not doubt that Sachin Tendulkar is the best batsman in India, and he is often compared to the amazing Don Brandman. Tendulkar statistics seem surreal since he scored 51 hundred in Tests and made 49 hundred in the ODIs.


Moreover, Tendulkar is the only one who have made a combined total of 100 centuries in both formats. On the other hand, he is the biggest run scorer in ODIs and test matches as well, getting 18,246 and 15,921 runs respectively.


Maximum Double Hundreds


Every batsman who has made double centuries in ODIs come from India, including Tendulkar in the first double century of history in 147 balls against South Africa. Cricket experts assure that: “Virender Sehwag smashed 219 of just 140 balls against West Indies in 2012. Finally, Rohit Sharma's 209 against Australia was the third double century in the history of the sport”.

cricket world cup


The Big-Three


The "Big Three" has officially turned the major sponsors of the World Cricket. Several boards accepted the proposal since promises of improved revenue that ICC shared. However, the other nations were against this proposal as they were all onboard now due to immense external pressure. This empowered India, Australia, and England Cricket boards. In fact, India has rights to many revenues since the other teams might have more freedom in the competition.


As the other sports, you can find in cricket history many remarkable players around. In fact, the role of a captain is the key to the game since he/she must devise the strategy off the field to succeed during the match. Moreover, a captain must make sure that on the field, everyone is executing the strategy according to the plan.


On the other hand, Kapil Dev is a remarkable captain in India’s history, as a winning captain. The whole third edition got an exceptionally seasoned all-rounder from Indian cricket team, Kapil Dev. He lifted the level of the game during the whole competition when required. Furthermore, he was a key when World Cup was held in 1983.


Indian Cricket to the next level


Cricket is a massive sport in India, as mentioned before since government sponsored approach to make the national team excel his performance on the field. That’s why cricketers can train enthusiastically over a few years, when the government incorporated a program to support cricket.


The other approach is when the sport turns part of the culture, like Cricket does in India. As you know, cricket is as popular as Diwali and other beloved traditions. Therefore, massive audience in India love to play and watch this amazing sport.


On the other hand, this support lets the team to represent India with distinction. That stage is much more enjoyable, sustainable and produces good sportive teams. Though, “India has struggled to put together a quality talent pool and subsequently a top-draw team consistently for very many years now”, experts mention. Furthermore, experts say that Indian cricket features two aspects for the best:


Cricket statistics


Cricket requires an accurate analysis by numbers. Beginning with plain batting and bowling numbers, performances can be analyzed in diverse grounds and nations, against several oppositions and many stages of the matches. This does mean that if you want to evaluate the role of a players, you will need a minimum level of subjectivity.


Implementation mechanism to choose cricket players


At the beginning, objectivity is required since the first level of cricket. At this first level, the aim is to get many candidates to play and track the performances of this large pool, which must be done across India and just a good computer machine is required to have all details of the batting, bowling, and fielding skills of every team.


On the other hand, to go to the following level, the top 40% players from the first level will be selected from the second level. Then, to achieve the third level, the top 40% from the level 2 can be chosen according to their performance and skills. It is important to mention that gradation and movement from one level to another can take a semester or a year as the process ensures that the best ones are picked.


Role of corporations in India – Cricket sponsorship


This is not a secret that corporates in India fall in love with cricket as the game gets many opportunities for inserting advertising. Cricket calls for and takes a huge involvement from the TV audience and finally, the game can extend for so long. It means that cricket supports TV for long periods of time, and that’s another reason why corporations love cricket!


Therefore, corporations make sure to remain cricket as a popular and massive game, which happens when the teams do their job for the best since losing teams do not catch people’s attention.


This means that the corporations’ role is important to make sure that the teams’ performance remains as good as needed to keep being a good investment for corporations. To achieve that, corporations provide training and coaching facilities to young players to keep cricket alive.


More about the implementation mechanism in cricket


This is an effective model of corporate involvement in supporting young cricketers. However, other corporations that support cricketers establish coaching academies for younger players in order they can perform for the best during competitions like Cricket World Cup. The better the cricketers perform, the better the level of the matches become!


Summarize: Cricket culture around the world


Here, we have three reasons why cricket is so important in the Indians culture and around over the world as well:

  1. ✦ From the outside, cricket looks like a gentleman's sport. If you travel by train through the more traditional regions of England or India, you may well see people playing on the grass of a small village, as they have done for centuries.

  2. ✦ However, the opportunities among the female cricketers have improved in the last two centuries as the Women’s Cricket World Cup is also held as an International Cricket tournament. You can notice that female cricket has taken relevance during the last centuries.

  3. ✦ On the other hand, cricket takes part of the Indian culture, as other sports and traditions do and you can notice many people learn to play cricket at the same time they grow up.

  4. ✦ In short, cricket has been part of the culture and traditions of India and Commonwealth countries, at the same time this is one of the most televised sports in the region. Even though, this is an amazing sport to play and watch, and this is enough reason to be into cricket world. And if you are not into cricket’s world yet, Cricket World Cup is your chance to start getting into it!
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