Are people into the Cricket World Cup? Discover it now!

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Are people into the Cricket World Cup? Discover it now!

Cricket World Cup: one of the most important sportive events around the world


Does Cricket World Cup catch people’s attention?

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1. Introduction
2. Why people in India love cricket English cricket: the beginning of something wonderful 
3. Australia: One of the best countries that best support cricket
4. New Zealand and cricket
5. In short

Of course, it does! Even many people associate World Cup with football events, this is not the only one kind of major tournament around the world you can enjoy. Cricket fans also has the chance to have fun with the best of cricket when the Cricket World Cup is held.


Personally, I hadn’t been familiarized with a Cricket World Cup until I could see it. When you can watch the greatest cricketers on a field, competing for lifting the most remarkable award they can get, you feel all the excitement with no limits, since cricket is an amazing sport, even many people do not know it.

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Latin Americans, for example, are not that much into cricket, except for those who have lived in India for example, one of the countries whose favorite sport is cricket. Everyone in India knows what cricket means, how they can feel when being near of a wicket and they really love it!


Moreover, India is one of the nations that give the best support for their international cricketers, but this is not the only one country which supports and invests on cricket. Other countries such as Australia, England, Pakistan, and New Zealand love cricket too at the same time they support the development of cricket in all possible ways.

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Why people in India love cricket?


First, cricket is as traditional as Diwali and other customary activities. Cricket has been part of the culture of Indians as they learn how to play the sport or at least, they enjoy watching the top cricket matches on TV, especially when the Cricket World Cup is on.


In addition, the passion that Indians feel about cricket dates from centuries ago. According to historians, cricket had started being popular in Commonwealth nations to develop an ethnic identity:


“In the case of India, cricket played an important role in the development of ethnic identity narratives throughout the 19th century; in other words, by playing cricket, Parsis, Muslims, Hindus and other communities began to join in teams to play against each other, contributing to generate ethno-political rivalries that survive to this day. During the 20th century, cricket became a true mass passion in India, a legitimate way of waging war against the former Empire, an excuse to humiliate Pakistan-an arch-rival and alter ego of Indian chauvinism-and a multi-million-dollar industry”, experts say.


On the other hand, by the 1790s cricket was already being played in Australia, from where it traveled to other parts of the empire such as New Zealand, South Africa, and the Caribbean, making it a popular sport.


Conforming to history, cricket was associated with the leisure time of the elites, the game gradually gained a place among the colonized masses, becoming popular throughout the Commonwealth during the last two centuries and giving rise to a global circuit of which Latin Americans and other peoples, whose history does not include British colonization, remain excluded.

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English cricket: The beginning of something wonderful


Every cricket lover knows that cricket had started in England, one of many sports with British origin. In fact, the practice of sports and games in Great Britain has been a fact of social dimension that goes back to ancient times. English society has always looked kindly upon the practice of sports.

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Therefore, England is one of the countries which has a great number of remarkable cricketers and many participations on the Cricket World Cup. As we can see cricket emerged as a game played by rich and poor, urban, and rural people. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries it was not confined to a particular geographical setting.


Tony Mason, expert about cricket, said once: "Cricket was another rural pastime, which wealthy landowners found attractive. As early as the early 18th century, cricket matches were advertised in the newspapers to be played "between eleven gentlemen from the west of the county of Kent and eleven gentlemen from Chathan".


Something interesting about cricket is that professional and amateurs can play together, which makes inclusion possible. Even though, in major events like the Cricket World Cup, participation requires a good level of performance.


Since the mid-nineteenth century, cricket had begun being practiced in school, especially in public schools. As Mason points out: "Some schools, especially in Birmingham and London, provided playing fields for cricket and soccer. In reference to the practice of cricket in these schools, Mason indicates that cricket was regarded as the sport that developed manhood and leadership to the utmost".

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Then, the cricket practice had spread widely throughout the world in the 20th century, started being popular in the middle classes in the 1930’s, although there are also exceptions, such as the cricket tournaments in the North and Midlands, in which miners and other working people participated.

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There have been many cricketers in England, but at first, they were mostly concentrated in the southern and southeastern area of Great Britain, places where it probably emerged as a game and later became formalized as a sport. However, London standardized the sport in the past century and began the diffusion of the sport:


“London played a very important role in this sport, as well as in its diffusion. It is important to remember that the Marylebone Cricket Club was the team that dominated this sport, and contributed to regulate it, as well as London was the capital of one of the major world powers of the time, so it is understandable that this game was in the ideal context to spread beyond the British Isles”, experts mention.


Once again, English started with great sportive innovations. Cricket was spread through all England, extending first to the cities, since they were the most populated areas and where English culture was most present.

Cricket World  Cup


Australia: One of the best countries that best support cricket


Australia is the country which has lifted the World Cup the most times. In 2015, Australia was crowned cricket world champions by defeating New Zealand in the final of the tournament, played in the Australian city of Melbourne. In fact, New Zealand could only score 183 times and the figure was easily beaten by Australia, who ended up winning by seven wickets.


This was Australia's fifth and most recent world title, celebrated enthusiastically by the more than 93,000 spectators in the stadium and many more fans in the streets of the country. Australia's James Faulkner was named player of the match and the title of best player of the tournament went to compatriot Mitchell Starc.


Even though, Australia’s team performance is one of the best ones you can see around the world since Australia is one of the countries who best invests in cricket, which can be reflected on the way Australian cricketers play on the field.


Cricket in New Zealand


Cricket is considered the national summer sport in New Zealand. There are several countries that enjoy playing cricket and compete in something known as test cricket (four innings games are played over five days).


According to diverse sources, New Zealand Cricket, formerly the New Zealand Cricket Council is the governing body of professional cricket in New Zealand. Cricket is the most popular and high-profile summer sport in New Zealand:


“New Zealand Cricket operates the New Zealand cricket team, organizing Test and international one-day tours with other nations. It also organizes domestic cricket in New Zealand, including the first-class Plunket Shield competition, the Ford Trophy domestic one-day competition and the Super Smash Twenty20 domestic competition”, several sources say.


On the other hand, media resources point that David White is the Chief Executive Officer of New Zealand Cricket. Kane Williamson is the current Black Caps captain in all forms of the game, succeeding Brendon McCullum, who retired in 2015.


New Zealander Cricket: A bit of history


Cricket in New Zealand dates to the 19th century. Conforming to history, on December 27, 1894, 12 delegates from across New Zealand met in Christchurch to form the New Zealand Cricket Council. Heathcote Williams was elected inaugural president and Charles Smith the secretary. The Council's objectives were to promote and coordinate cricket in New Zealand and to organize international tours to and from New Zealand.


Currently, New Zealand Cricket has established a high-performance cricket training center based at the University of Lincoln, according to several sources: “It also operates a grassroots development program for school children called 'MILO Kiwi Cricket'.


John Wright, a former New Zealand opening batsman, was appointed interim high-performance manager for NZC in November 2007 before taking over as head coach in December 2010”. On the other hand, former Australian coach John Buchanan was appointed NZC Director of Cricket in May 2011 as the architect of our new high-performance program.


Wright will undertake several key tasks, including establishing clear and consistent national coaching philosophies, implementing a talent identification program, and overseeing the Selection Panel. As you can see, New Zealand is another country that invests enough money and other resources to improve cricketers’ performance.


Cricket World Cup: the most popular Cricket event


If there is an event that make all cricketers from around over the world get together is the Cricket World Cup. Cricket World Cup takes place every four years and we are going to enjoy the best of cricket the next year, having India as the host of this major sportive event. Now, let’s check out the reasons why Cricket World Cup is so popular.

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  1. 1. Cricket is considered similar than baseball: Cricket originated in England and spread to parts of Asia (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India), Australia and New Zealand. Its rules are like baseball; the aim of the game is to score more runs than the opponent by hitting a ball thrown by the opposing team, inside a large oval-shaped pitch.

  2. 2. The way to play it: Cricket may seem very complicated at first, but it is not. In the middle of the field there is a rectangle called a pitch, in which the pitcher tests the batter; if he connects with the ball, the offensive player runs from one end of the pitch to the other to score a run. On each side of the pitch there is a structure composed of three wooden stakes and two crossbars called a wicket that is placed behind the batter. In case it is knocked down, either by the pitch or by contact from the player on strike, the batter will be tagged out.

  3. 3. The World Cup, a million-dollar event: The Cricket World Cup - played every four years - is broadcast in more than 200 countries and attracts hundreds of thousands of fans, which has a lot to do with the fact that countries like India and Pakistan, with millions of inhabitants, are some of the most passionate about the sport. According to media, the Cricket World Cup 2011, for example, the Cricket World Cup 2011 had more than 2 billion viewers, on a par with events such as the Olympic Games or the FIFA World Cup.

  4. 4. . The World Cup's biggest winners: Australia has won five times, most recently in 2015, while India and West Indies have two titles each, to one each for Sri Lanka and Pakistan. As we have been mentioning, countries like Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, England, and Australia are the most outstanding teams in Cricket competitions.


In short


Australia, India, and New Zealand are some of the countries that best support cricketers’ development since this has always been a traditional sport in Commonwealth Nations. According to history, most of English colonies had learned cricket to create kind of ethnical identity, but this is not the only one reason why cricket is so popular.


On the other hand, Cricket World Cup is one of the most popular sportive events around over the world. Therefore, you can see many people watching the best of cricket when this event is held. Now, we are waiting for the next Cricket World Cup edition, which will take place in 2023. So, let’s get ready to see the best of cricket next year!

Cricket World  Cup


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